Whiskey Glass Eye isn’t just that blurred vision you get from late night shots at the bar, it’s also a talented rock and roll band located on the coast of Southern California.

These boys are quickly making a name for themselves with their catchy pop hooks, alternative rock riffs, and a little taste of southern rock.  Three guys in successful local bands were wrangled up after Eddie could no longer play his songs on his acoustic guitar in his bedroom.  Now as a four piece rock band, Whiskey Glass Eye has honed their sound playing night clubs and dive bars up and down the coast.  They have shared the stage with such bands as The Smithereens, Cracker, Kathleen Edwards, Nashville Pussy, The Donnas, The Muffs, Taylor Locke and the Roughs, The Silent Comedy, Hannah Georgas, Saint Motel, and The Riot Brides just to name a few.

As their sound evolves with every new song, they are sure to please even the most selective music fan. Watch for them to hit a town near you.

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Emily J…. Milwaukee:
“So, I actually took the time to listen to your band, and holy shit! It’s good!
Not that I thought it wouldn’t be, but you know how it is sometimes with friends’
bands – it may not be your thing but you are sitting there listening anyway since
you know them… But no! You guys are something I would listen to regardless!
Awesome! Just wanted to let you know :)”